All the lyrics of the songs of this Album are from the Book of Psalms. Gratitude, Worship, Repentance, Sadness and Gladness are the feelings and emotions of a soul that is searching for his Creator. But above all with a sure hope of knowing that God answers our prayer.


  • Vocals: Vicente Forner, Yolène, Ester Clemente, Toni Ibañez
  • Piano: Clyde Sandry, John Maddison
  • Electric Guitar: Graham Craven
  • Drums: Buzz Thomas
  • Acoustic Guitar: Vicente Forner
  • Bass Guitar: Clyde Sandry
  • Musical Arrangements: Clyde Sandry 
  • Producers: Clyde Sandry y Miguel Rosell
  • Recorded at: SonoCentro, Barcelona

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