My desire is to be able to communicate how life changing is the Love of God for each one of us.

These songs help me to have a conversation and an intimate relationship with my heavenly Father and I hope you will be able to experience the same because my God is personal and He loves to hear His children speak to Him.


  • Backing Vocals: José Luis Vidal, Asael Oliver, Yolène.
  • Musical Arrangements: Juan Vargas.
  • Sound Technician: Graham Craven.
  • Producer: Neel Wijesinghe.
  • Recorded at: Estudio Rhema, 17476 Arenys d’Empordà, Girona, Spain.
  • Mastered by: David Torrey
  • Mastering Studio: DRT Mastering, 20 Vine Street, Peterborough, 03458 NH, USA 
  • Graphic Design: Ivan Wijesinghe.

Audio Clips Así es Tu Amor

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