With these songs, I desire to share the profound Love God has shown us through what Jesus did on the cross. I want to thank God for this gift He has given me and I pray that He would help me to continue to praise Him with my voice. I am very grateful to all those who helped me with this recording.

I pray that as you listen these songs, you would discover His Love and Peace and be blessed.


  • Backing Vocals: Núria Pradas, José Luis Vidal, Enrique Gaviño, Nathalie Horning, Yolène.
  • Piano: Dani Garcia, Juan Vargas, David Pike.
  • Guitar, Bass Guitar: Graham Craven.
  • Drums: Nils Leswing.
  • Sound Technicians: Graham Craven, Joan Rota.
  • Producer: Neel Wijesinghe.
  • Recorded at: Estudio Rhema, 17476 Arenys d’Empordà, Girona, Spain.
  • Mastered by: Frank Marheineke
  • Mastering Studio: Analog Mastering Studio, Bronnesstr,  9, Frankfurt City, Germany.
  • Graphic Design: Producciones Rhema.

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