O Come All ...

With these so well known Christmas songs, I would like to communicate with you God’s everlasting Love for us by sending His Son to suffer and die on the Cross to redeem us from our sin.

My desire is that His Love will be a reality in our lives not only during the Christmas season but that the risen Jesus Christ will be alive in our lives daily.



  • Backing Vocals: Yolène
  • Piano: Dani Garcia, Juan Vargas
  • Saxo: Narcís Julià
  • Violin, Viola: Enric Riera
  • Violenchello: Tais Costa
  • Drums: Nils Leswing.
  • Sound Technicians: Neel Wijesinghe, Joan Rota.
  • Producer: Neel Wijesinghe.
  • Recorded at: Estudio Rhema, 17476 Arenys d’Empordà, Girona, Spain.
  • Mixed & Mastered by: Joan Rota
  • Graphic Design: Producciones Rhema.

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