I have chosen these songs because each one has a message that makes us realize what the world is like today. The only solution to these problems we discover when we understand the Love of God. Without Him we are helpless but with Him «we are more than conquerors.»

With these songs I want to proclaim the victory of Christ on the cross of Calvary for each one who is willing to acknowledge Him as their Lord and King. Jesus is the “Pearl of Great price” that we need to discover.


  • Backing Vocals: Enrique gaviño, Ester Clemente, Yolène
  • Piano: Dani García, Tano Gómez, Juan Vargas
  • Guitar: Graham Craven, Ivan Wijesinghe, Alex Blanco
  • Alto Sax, Tenor Sax: Kim Peterson
  • Bass Guitar: Samuel Alonso, Graham Craven
  • Drums: Marc Hernández
  • Violoncello: Jonathan Serrano
  • Violin: José Luis Chan
  • Musical Arrangements: Dani García, Josep Laporta, Enrique Gaviño, Alex Blanco, Tano Gómez
  • Recording Technicians: Graham Craven, Neel Wijesinghe
  • Producer: Neel Wijesinghe
  • Recorded at: Estudio Rhema, E-17476 Arenys d’Empordà, Girona, Spain
  • Mastered : David Torrey
  • Mastering Studio: DRT Mastering, 20 Vine Street, Peterborough, 03458 NH, USA
  • Graphic Design: Iván Wijesinghe
  • Yolène’s Photo: Javier Clariana

Audio Clips Sueños de Coral

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